Our regular 45-minute Halotherapy sessions are community in nature. We offer zero-gravity reclining beach chairs as well as seating on the salt crystal floor.  We also offer Private Sessions ($150 for 45 minutes or $200 for 60 minutes) that can accommodate up to 10 people - call us to book!  Ionic Foot Detox Soaks may be scheduled for $30.  Halotherapy Packages are available and may be shared (must be used within one year of purchase). A monthly, individual unlimited Subscription is also available! Printable Gift Certificates are available for purchase. We offer collaborative services in the cave such as workshops and events - browse our offerings below and visit the Events Page!  Wellness packages with our sister space, Centered Holistic Health, are available and include Salt & Sauna, and Massage Mondays in the Salt Cave! We also offer private Reiki Sessions and Sound Healing packages on select days/times! Scroll down for more!

REGULAR 45-minute 
Community sessions: $40 per person

Community allowances ($25 per person):

  • teachers & students
  • veterans
ADD-On your discount when BOOKING

5x Package: $140 (Save $60)

8x Package: $200 (Save $120)

16x Package: $360 (Save $280)

Regular Halotherapy

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30x Package: $500 ($16+ per session)


click here to see subscription info, packages & Gift Certificates 

Salty Yoga Classes

We offer gentle, slow flow, relaxing, and restorative-style practices designed to calm the mind & body!  Blankets, bolsters and blocks provided. Bring your own mat and any items of comfort you wish! Check our class schedule at the link below!
$25 + tax / No experience needed!
Ask about our private yoga sessions for 1-8 people!

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Community Allowances

$25 per person in regular 45-minute community salt sessions only
OVER 60, TEACHERS, STUDENTS, & VETERANS (please show ID at check-in!).  Add-on discount when booking online, before check-out, or let us know when calling. PLEASE NOTE - If others in your party do not qualify for a discount, please book separate appointments.

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Kids in the Cave Sessions

For 12 & under with parents. $15 per person / limited to 6 or call for a larger group. No charge for babes in arms. This is a meditative play session with your kiddos – relax and let the kids breathe in the salty air!  We supply a basket of beach toys, but ask that noise be kept at inside voices and no salt is thrown or rocks moved.  Feel free to bring your own blankets! When scheduling, please book a spot for you and each child.  

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Monday Massages

Book a massage in the Salt Cave with Centered LMT Dylan Sumpter!  Includes a 60-minute massage plus halotherapy. Call to book a couples massage or if you prefer a female therapist.  $150 + sales tax 
$275 + tax for Two ( call to book for two)
Learn about Dylan here. 

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Relax in a cozy corner of our reception area, soaking your feet in a salt bath that is ionized to help the body more readily rid itself of toxins. 
$30 per person and you may add a guest to your session when you book (limit is 2 people per session).
How does it work? You soak your feet in a tub of warm water and salt, with an ion generating array which charges the salt water. The body is also made up of mostly water and electrolytes, so the ionized current is able to travel through the body, causing a pleasant tingling sensation while it helps boost the natural ability of the body to detoxify itself.
Oxidation occurs in the water which creates a color change. The water may turn brown, orange or nearly black depending on your body chemistry and other solutes in the water during a standard 30-minute soak.  One of the main benefits that has been shown with ionic detox soaks is balancing the body's pH to a more alkaline (healthier) state.
This is a fun, natural way for most people* to help the body rid itself of damaging heavy metals, toxins and chemicals!
Read more about the effects of Ionic Foot Detox here.
* There are some people who should not participate in detox foot baths, such as those  who are pregnant, those with diabetes, pacemakers, undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.   Please read our disclaimer thoroughly and check with your doctor if you have concerns before booking your session!

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Ionic Detox Foot Soaks

Private Reiki Sessions

We are pleased to offer Sauna sessions to complement your salt therapy! Centered has a brand new,  two-person, beautiful Sunlighten Sauna with near, far and mid beams, light therapy and Bluetooth speakers !  Salt and Sauna make a great pair because of the dual detoxifying properties. The Sauna & Salt Package includes a sauna treatment of up to 30 minutes  for one or two people, followed by a 45-minute community halotherapy session! Enjoy savings while supporting your wellness!
 $75 for 1 or $110 for 2 people. Allow for 120 minutes total.
Learn more about the Sauna here.   Please call to reserve! 
Centered: 859-721-1841
Lexington Salt Cave: 859-396-2349

Infrared Sauna & Salt Combo

Reiki sessions are for one or two people with Sandy McManus. Sandy is a Reiki Master,  Yoga teacher,  speech-language pathologist, and a lover of crystals. She loves to combine crystals into her practices. A Reiki session at the Salt Cave will include the benefits of halotherapy and spiritually guided life force energy delivered gently over your physical being. This channeled energy is received to activate self healing. Every session is different as needs vary and Reiki flows where most needed. Reiki is an incredible self care tool frequently linked with better sleep, relaxation and decreased stress.  This  60-min session that includes Halotherapy! $150 for one, or you may bring a friend or partner for $50 additional (add-on at booking).


Join sound healer Ronnie Brown of Continuum Sound Healing for a private experience in the Cave! Choose from a variety of programs such as Gong Immersion (a resonant journey for you or a small group with instruction on playing the gong by Master Gongist Ronnie), Salty Gong date night (a one-hour private session with you and a companion indulging in a symphony of serenity in the cave), or the Crystalline Package (nestled within an intimate circle of crystal singing bowls, you become the centerpiece of a vibrational symphony that includes the ethereal tones of chimes and the soothing melodies of a flute). Ronnie also offers a Tuning Fork or Chime Capsule experience for you or a small group! 
PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL to reserve a time!

Sound Healing

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