Our Halotherapy sessions are community in nature with a limit of 4 people to allow for social distancing.  We also offer Private Sessions for $150 that can accommodate up to 10. All Packages must be used within one year of purchase. Printable Gift Certificates are available and do not expire!  We offer collaborative services in the cave including reiki & sound healing, as well as workshops and events! Browse our offerings below and visit the Events Page!
Wellness packages with our sister space, Centered Holistic Health, are also available and include Salt & Sauna for 1 or 2, and Massage Mondays in the Salt Cave! 
Please call to reserve Salt & Sauna! You may book a Monday Massage in the Cave here

Single Session: $40

USe Code OVER60 for the Salty senior discount

ADd a warm Himalayan salt pillow or massage stone to any halotherapy session - yours to keep!

5x Package: $140 (Save $60)

8x Package: $200 (Save $120)

16x Package: $360 (Save $280)

Regular Halotherapy


30x Package: $500 (BEST VALUE!)

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Salty Gentle Yoga

Gentle, meditative practice designed to
calm the mind & body followed be yoga nidra.
No experience needed!

$35 per session / held  2x per month

Bring your own blanket. Mats are optional

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Salty Senior Sessions

We offer the Senior rate in any Regular Session with the Code: OVER60, and also on Tues & Thurs at 2!

$25.00 per session

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60+ / Call about group rates!

Kids in the Cave Sessions

Every Tuesday at 4:00 pm EST!

$15.00 per person / 4 people total or call for a group!

We supply beach toys!

Come play in the Cave with your kiddos – relax and let the kids breathe in the salty air! BYO blankets! When scheduling, please book a spot for you and each child. 

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Wellness Packages 

Salt & Sauna with Centered
Salt and Sauna make a great pair because of the dual detoxifying properties.  Package includes a sauna treatment of up to 35 minutes and a 45-minute halotherapy treatment. 
 $70 for 1 or $95 for 2 people.  Please call to reserve!
 Learn More about IR Sauna Here

Massage Mondays!

Book a massage in the Salt Cave with Centered LMTs

Reiki and Sound Healing 
We are pleased to collaborate with Reiki Master Eleanor Mila to provide limited private appointments in the salt cave!  Reiki is an ancient energy healing that provides peace and clarity for recipients. Channeling divine wisdom and speaking through source,  Eleanor will share guidance that is in your best alignment. To add a boost of serenity, Eleanor uses a unique blend of crystal bowls and hypnotherapy meditation. Reiki sessions start at $200 per session and include 45 minutes of Halotherapy. Book 1 time slot for this option.  Add Sound Healing for a total of $400. Book 2 time slots (allow 120 minutes) for  this option.
Click here to learn more about Eleanor!


Relax in a cozy corner of our reception area, soaking your feet in a salt bath that is ionized to help the body more readily rid itself of toxins. How does it work? You soak your feet in a tub of warm water and salt, with an ion generating array which charges the salt water. The body is also made up of mostly water and electrolytes, so the ionized current is able to travel through the body, causing a pleasant tingling sensation while it helps boost the natural ability of the body to detoxify itself.
Oxidation occurs in the water which creates a color change. The water may turn brown, orange or nearly black depending on the other solutes in the water during a standard 30-minute soak.
According to Rahav Wellness in NYC, “An ionic foot detox is more effective than other foot detox modalities because the electrical current actually travels throughout the body and stimulates lasting detoxification effects.”
While there are very few reliable studies on the benefits of ionic foot baths, Rahav Wellness also states that "Studies conducted by AMD show significant increases in the amounts of heavy metals in the detox foot bath water after 30-minutes. Another study by AMD also found a significant decrease in Glyphosate levels in the urine of patients who received ionic detox foot baths. Scientific research also shows that patients who receive an ion foot detox have higher amounts of toxins in their urine and stool within three days of treatment, further demonstrating that the treatment does indeed enhance detoxification."
This is a fun, natural way for most people* to help the body rid itself of damaging heavy metals, toxins and chemicals!
* There are some people who should not participate in detox foot baths, such as those with diabetes, pacemakers, undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, etc. Please read our disclaimer thoroughly before booking your session!
Package with a Salt Session and SAVE $5 on each session!

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Ionic Detox Foot Baths

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